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Extremely annoyed atm.

Mom and Darren come home from work and all they keep asking is “Why don’t you want to drive?” “Do you ever want your license” MERMERMERR.
Would the two of you please, STFU. Christ. I never said ‘Oh forget it. I never want to be able to drive.’ No. Maybe if there wasn’t all this shit that I had to do at home, or the fact that I’m still here at Darrens house-MAYBE I’D LIKE TO GO. Or , another thing. Darren, why don’t you just stay the hell out of it. You don’t need to be involved. God. Just shutup. Ugh, one of my biggest petpeeves, you think you can just say whatever you want. Whether I really want you included or not. Seriously. You can leave now. You pull this shit all the fucking time.So, I’m aware that I’m slightly irritable due to my ovaries being in pain-BUT STILL.It pisses me off. So stop. I’m going to go take a nice long shower and use all the hot water. ha ha. Bitch.


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